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Buffet City Plymouth

Initial payment policy
- If you do not intend to eat but are simply accompanying someone, please inform our manager at the time of your arrival. Failure to do this will result in you being charged at full price.
- Credit & debit cards carry a charge of 35p for orders of £13 or less
- In some circumstances, payment may be requested  from customers before dining.

Time limit policy
Due to the nature of the business, a 11/2 hour time limit allocation is enforced to each customer. Customers must pay the bill and vacate the table within 2 hours

• Student & OAP discount will only apply if customer order includes drink.
• Any discounts and vouchers will not apply on public days and bank holidays.
• Please DO NOT over fill your dishes with more than you can eat.
• Please DO NOT waste food, you can always return for a refill.
• Excessive food wastage will be charged for at an extra £5.00 per plate.
• It is NOT PERMITTED for food to be taken away from the restaurant.
• It is notpermitted to consume food & drink from outside in the premises.
• Our Chef reserves the right to amend BUFFET CITY’S MENU