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Wine List

White Wines

1. Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio (Californian) (2) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio is a vibrant dry white wine with crisp citrus notes and flavours of fresh apple.

2. Concha Y Toro Sauvignon Blanc (Chilean) (1) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
Fresh, crisp full of gooseberry, nettle and asparagus flavours with a tangy lime finish.

3. Liebfraumilch (German) (5) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
Light, floral and medium dry fruity white wine.

4. Scenic Ridge Chardonnay (Australian) (2) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
Palate is fully flavoured with citrus and peach like fruits.

5. Rouwke's Drift Colombard Chardonnay (South African) (2) £12.95 £3.20 (175ml)
Dry fruity wine with a crisp tropical fruit character.

6. Blossom Hill Pinot Grigio (Italian) (2) £14.95 £3.80
Pale in colour; aromas of pear, apple and citrus on the nose; palate has a zesty acidity, a fresh citrus and pear fruit flavour, with a light body and deliciously dry finish.

Rose Wine

7. Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel (Californian) (5) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
A lively and fruity white Zinfandel. Reminiscent of fresh summer pudding.

8. Mateus Rose (Portuguese) (4) £15.95 £3.95 (175ml)
Mateus Rose is the original Rose wine with a deliciously light, refreshing and fruity taste.

Champagne & Sparkling

15. Jack Rabbit Sparkling White Zinfandel (californian) (2) £16.95 (175ml)
A floral and fruity effervescent Rose that is bursting with flavours of luscious strawberry.

16. Asti Spumante Martini (Italy) (6) £16.95
The famous Asti Spumante.

17. Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV (French) (1) £45.95
This flagship of Moet & Chandon since 1869, Brut Imperial is the most accomplished and universal expression ofts style.


Red Wines

9. Jack Rabbit Merlot (Californian) (c) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
A lively and supple red wine, with crushed berry fruit aromas and flavours of ripe plums and berries.

10. San Andres Cabernet Sauvignon (Chilean) (c) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
Deep red, full of plummy fruit et chunky tannins.

11. Rouwke's Drift Ruby Cabernet Merlot (South African) (c) £12.95 £3.10 (175ml)
A fruity ripe red with delicious plummy blackcurrant.

12. JP Chenet Vin Rouge (French) (F) £13.95 £3.40 (175ml)
This is a soft wine with an expressive bouquet of red fruits.

13. Hardy's VR Shiraz (Australian) (C) £16.95 £3.95 (175ml)
This Shiraz shows a rich plum and ripe blackberry fruit enhanced with subtle black pepper and soft oak character.

14. Oxford Landing Estate's Merlot (Australian) (B) £16.95 £3.95 (175ml)
This wine is full of characters black and purple fruit pastilles.


Rated on a scale of 1 (Dry) to 6 (Sweet)

Rated on a scale of A (Light) to E (Heavy)